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500 extra xxl-Taler for the current User of the day: TylerD. Congratulations!

500 extra xxl-Taler for the current User of the day: Garameo. Congratulations!

Die Rallye "K-Paidmail-Rallye +15€ " (Kaskaden-Paidmails-Rallye) ist beendet:

Place 1: Klicky
Place 2: souoma
Place 3: Derrini
Place 4: yuri0811
Place 5: Irmipe
Place 6: Kneipenchef
Place 7: Fenix18
Place 8: u290508
Place 9: Vacationclubflorida
Place 10: Vovasik
Place 11: Sanangel
Place 12: alexeizaicev
Place 13: dtzdtz
Place 14: abc987
Place 15: Olesya
Place 16: planm1234
Place 17: Liesc …

500 extra xxl-Taler for the current User of the day: Vacationclubflorida. Congratulations!

Die Rallye "Slot-Big America" (Gewinn-Rallye (Big America)) ist beendet:

Place 1: Irmipe
Place 2: Vacationclubflorida
Place 3: Engelchen