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Here again the most important features:

• 7000 xxl-Taler promotional credit will be credited after 4000 ersurften xxl-Taler
• Ratio 10:7 with many bonus options
• 3 Ref-levels Surfbar-Remuneration (0,2 / 0,03 / 0,02 xxl-Taler)
• 3 Ref-levels Other-Remuneration (0,8% / 0,2% / 0,1%)
• Control of pages before activation
• Refrallyes
• Charm link
• Layer ads
• active Bonus
• Nick Page
• Automatic Surfbar
• Manual Surfbar
• Paid4Use
• Zinskonto
• Pop-up ads
• Pagepeel advertising
• Multilingual
• API interface
• Beex-Viewer
• Control-Center
• Vouchers
• Private Messages
• User of the day
• VIP Memberships
• Websites selectable language
• countries selected
• advent Calendar
• 36 Slots Games
• transmitted xxl-Taler
• Random Bonus (Jackpot)
• Jackpot Plus (all click 4 credits, Klick4Win, Paidmails, Cascade Paidmails)
• Multi-Surfbar (VIP Memberships)
• Much Surfer bonus
• Happy Hour
• KlammLose Swap
• Beex-exchanger
• Bonuspartners
• Charging xxl-Taler
• Click 4 credits function
• Klick4Win function
• Top Picks
• Buy Refs
• Paidmails
• Cascade Paidmails
• Moneybox function
• surveys
• joke of the day
• It can 25 websites per account are entered.
• 11 games

active Bonus:
From time to time there are bonus points for all members who have actively surfed in the past 24 hours.

xxl-Taler transfer:
Here you have the option to swap the ersurften xxl-Taler.
You can also buy the xxl-Taler sale outside the project and then transferred to the buyer.

random Bonus:
(Jackpot) All 3,000 page views (total, not per user) is displayed instead of a member side a bonus page, which you can collect bonus points in one fell swoop, so a reward for members who actually view the pages, because otherwise you miss the bonus page.
Missed random bonuses land in the jackpot and will be added at the next random bonus.

Session limit:
A session will be after 2 hour out, so that no one can run overnight, the surfing window, because that only creates traffic and other than the provider No one has it. Of course, once a new session can be started, but you have to click once then. Reward for successful Complain messages: the Member 200 points Reports someone an infraction and it is truly a violation, then "evil" member deducted 250 points and the "love" credited.

In section Click4xxl-Taler you points for clicks obtained on banners and text links.
You can automatically earn points by PayPal.

The program controlled pages on popups and frame breakers. If a page is found with pop, which is not in accordance with, the program assumes the labeling. Does the site have too many pop-ups or a frame braker, the page is deleted from the program and the user information.

• You decide if you want to see pages with pop, erotic or music.

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Es macht Peng und Trump ist auch nicht mehr auf Erden.
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500 extra xxl-Taler for the current User of the day: Sasha01. Congratulations!

500 extra xxl-Taler for the current User of the day: souoma1. Congratulations!

500 extra xxl-Taler for the current User of the day: Demo-Surfbar. Congratulations!

Die Rallye "VIP-Aktiv-Rallye" (Aktiv-Rallye) ist beendet:

Place 1: souoma1
Place 2: Demo-Surfbar

Die Rallye "VIP-Bewertungs-Rally" (Bewertungs-Rallye) ist beendet:

Die Rallye "Ref-Rallye" (Ref-Rallye nach Umsatz) ist beendet:

500 extra xxl-Taler for the current User of the day: besessener. Congratulations!

500 extra xxl-Taler for the current User of the day: trexlist. Congratulations!